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PRICE: What Everyone Wants to Know 

There are several factors involved in the total cost of your hair extensions, and they very according to the style and thickness of your own hair, the type of hair you choose to purchase and the ultimate style you wish to achieve. The costs involved are(please pay attention as all of these factors are important):

  1. The price of the hair itself: ranging from $250.00 to $450.00 and up (depending on the quality you decide to purchase, and the amount of hair needed to achieve the desired effect). 
  2. The price per row: ($75) times the number of rows needed. (the average range is from 2 to 7 rows depending on the thickness and cut of ones own hair, and the ultimate style desired.) If braiding and covering the entire head with extension hair is desired, the cost is $65 per hour.
  3.  The price of the haircut to blend everything together: $50.00  ( Getting this part right is crucial to the success of your end result.)
  4. If you plan to wear your extensions for more than 2 months you need to be able to afford up keep In order to prevent damage to your own hair. Your extensions need to be tightened every 6-8 weeks and the price per row will be the same as above. The hair itself can last for many months to over a year (depending on how well you get along taking care of it. 
    You will require a consultation with Deb to determine what your needs are and to pinpoint the total cost.

To schedule an appointment for a consultation call (608) 251-3402

Please come to your consultation having carefully read all information provided here!!!!