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Hair Extensions the Safe way

Madison Wisconsin (608)251-3402 

Hair artist, Deborah Yoder, owner of A Touch of Heaven, has been doing hair for 28 years. She has been proficient with many forms of hair extensions, hair jewelry, hair art, relaxers, perms, dread locks and she's even a massage therapist. (Yes, talented hands can be talented at many things. (Really y'all!)

Deb does her extensions using a braiding and sewing method that, when done correctly, is the safest way to wear extensions while promoting the best condition and continued growth of your own hair.  (Motto:"Every Hair is Sacred"!) This goes just as adamantly for relaxers and perms.

Don't let her skin color fool ya. Conscientiousness, intuition, a life long desire to learn, and the ability to figure out what works best for each individual, comes in all colors.

Check the "Healthy Hair Growth!" page to see pictures that show evidence of HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH over time while wearing "A Touch Of Heaven" hair extensions.

Deb was a child hair prodigy and started doing hair when she was 5. That's why she looks so young and cute.  (Just kidding about that last bit y'all. She's really just kinda old.)    8:o)


Before coming in to see Deb for a consultation you MUST read everything on this page (and the pricing info), or she WILL release the flying monkeys.

Please read the Testimonials (they are incredably heart warming) so you understand who it is you are coming to see and what it is you are paying for.